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Eat Learn Live Italy, formerly The Tuscan Experience, offers the best way to experience Italy at home or abroad.

Your host, Renato Di Stefano has a passion for "La Toscana" Italian food and language. From an early age under the guidance of his Nonna, Renato learned to appreciate all things Italian during market visits, recognising fresh produce using all of the senses. Helping to prepare dishes, make delicious sauces, cooking pasta to al dente, he soon developed a love of good food and cooking.

Formerly an Italian Language lecturer at TAFE, Renato introduced the concept of teaching Italian language through it's cuisine and exciting students by incorporating the gastronomy of it's regions. Renato was invited by Phil Hoffmann Travel to join their travel 'Lifestyles' Series and is now exclusively hosting cooking classes and language classes in various locations around Adelaide.

Renato has been hosting tours in Tuscany for some 12 years. Starting with the original 'Tuscan Experience' seeing guests stay in a 15th Century villa inclusive of meals with wine, excursions with entry fees, wine tasting and many hidden extras.

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One Day Italian Lunch

Saturday 11.30am - 3.30pm


Essentials Italian

Wednesdays 6.00pm - 8.30pm


A Taste of Tuscany in SA

Fri 5:30pm to Sun 10:00am

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